Fashionable Fiona

"It's not money that makes you well-dresssed, it's understanding." - Christian Dior

White Pants

If you have seen the first Transformers movie, then you will remember a very long action scene in that movie where Megan Fox is wearing white pants that don’t get dirty until the very end of the movie. White pants are a clothing item that pops. However, I am not an owner of white pants because I live in the constant fear of them getting dirty or worse, stained. I’m not telling you not to wear white pants, but to be careful when wearing them. They look good on anyone, except when they are dirty.

Combat Boots

I love, love, love combat boots or Doc Martins. So chic and they give a different kind of look to what you’re wearing. I love wearing mine with some leggings or skinny jeans. They give your outfit such a sharp look, even when you want to look laid back. I recommend that everyone should get their hands on a pair of these. You can even wear them during summer time with some shorts.

The V-Neck

It is so simple to just throw on a v-neck with some leggings and some nice jeans. I love to wear v-necks on any occasion. So simple and so effortless. I have a lot of v-necks and I have them in different colors. They are a lot better to wear than a t-shirt that doesn’t breath. 

Canadian Tuxedo

I can dig the denim on the demin look, know as the Canadian Tuxedo to most. My roommate for the past two years pulled off the look real well. I personally think that the denim should be two different shades when wearing some sort of top and bottom. However, the two shades shouldn’t be on two completely spectrums. For example, bleached and faded and a dark wash. That’s just not happening. They can be slightly different where it just works but not completely. The Mexican Vogue cover above is too matchy, matchy for my likely but I can see it working. The Canadian Tuxedo is something that you can play around with to find the right combination of denim on denim.

Tank tops and Scraves

Today it was over 105 degrees in my current place of residence. This is what I saw: people wearing tank tops with scraves. I don’t understand. It’s hot and sticky outside and you’re wearing what seems to be an item that is meant to keep you warm. However, some people wear scarves for fashion as well, as an accessory. I’m not saying this is a bad look, I’m saying what are you doing when it’s over 105 degrees outside. I just don’t get it.

High Low Dress

All I want in the world right now is one of these dresses. I think they are so simple and chic. Short in the front, long in the back and perfect for summer time.


Yes, do it. It looks hot and can give a clean look to the outfit. Just make sure it matches or something.

Fox Tail Look

Can someone explain the fox tail look to me? I want to comment on it but I don’t really understand the point…

Big Rings

I think rings can add something to any outfit. However, let’s not get too carried away with wearing a huge ring on every finger. I think maybe 1-2 rings, that are large, you can get away with. It begins to look tacky if you have all these huge rings on every finger. There are some cute rings are certain places like Forever 21 and American Eagle but you want to stay away from buying jewelery at places like that because the “metal” fades fast. It’s also cheap, that’s what’s so appealing but it won’t last. That’s just for the ring department. I have a couple of necklesses from American Eagle that have lasted awhile. When buying rings, look at how much you’re paying, the metal, and whether or not the price is worth the amount of times you can wear it. 


Overalls are always so in and out of fashion. A sturdy piece of clothing that I feel is hard to wear fashionably. I’ve seen so many different styles and colors of overalls but in my opinion, for me, I just can’t wear. They are cute and fun, I’ll give that to you overalls but other than that I think only certain people can pull them off.  I suggest staying away from overalls unless you like working in them and move more towards the romper.