Fashionable Fiona

"It's not money that makes you well-dresssed, it's understanding." - Christian Dior


I LOVE BANDEAUS SO MUCH. Way better than wearing a regular bra any day of the week. In fact, I just bought two today from American Eagle’s Aerie collection. They are $10.50 a piece and nice quality. SO COMFY. These are currently my new favorites and I can’t stop wearing them. The Aerie collection has so many colors to choose from as well. Try them out and I hope you find this type of clothing as comfy as I do!


My favorite dress in life, currently, is this light, white, cotton dress my friend Eden gave me from Delias. She was going to sell it to our local thrift store and she always lets my roommate and I have first pick of things before selling them. Bless her precious heart. However, all I want to do is wear this dress all the time because it makes me feel like a flower child and it’s just light and perfect for a hot day. I love cotton clothing because it’s light and easy to take care of. Plus it’s soft and it is a great material. So check your labels and find out how much cotton is in your clothing! 


BAD ASS. Wear it. But don’t wear all leather unless you’re a biker or a stripper. I love just a simple leather jacket with some nice skinny jeans. It’s really simple and chic, in my opinion. Leather jackets, or even faux leather jackets, can be really easy to pair things with. However, leather pants, that’s just a no. I mean, where do you even buy leather pants now a days. I’m also a fan of leather handbags and purses. Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade, and Prada are just a few of my favorites. Whether it’s real leather or faux, rock it, but just not in pants form. 


I have been in love with lacey things lately. I really enjoy this outfit above. Super cute for a business lunch or a nice afternoon on the town. I have been favoring the lace tank top lately with a brightly colored bando tucked into some faded jeans. I think it’s super cute. American Apparel has some really cool lace body suits. Check out these outfits from them. Lace is pretty popular right now and I’ve seen a lot people wearing it. It’s hard to go wrong with honestly. 


Okay, this blog post requires two pictures because I feel that suspenders can be worn in different ways. The top photo represents, in my opinion, the causal suspender wearer. I’m in love with what he is wearing and how he is wearing it. I’m just not a fan of those shorts. The colors go perfectly together and that’s how it works well together. The second picture is business and I’m not a fan of the colors and how he is wearing this outfit. It’s too abrasive and not welcoming. I personally think that suspenders in the business world are out in this modern time period. You just don’t see a lot of people wearing them. The point I’m trying to make overall is wear suspenders but wear them right. I think they are the type of accessory that can be worn on occassion because you don’t want to overdo your style and be constantly wearing them. 


As I have mentioned in a previous post, Rompers, they are not the same as jumpsuits. Now, jumpsuits have made a come back with rompers but rompers seem to be more popular. I don’t know why but I’m not a fan of the jumpsuit. I feel that it is a lot of pattern or solid color and only some people can pull them off. They are a hard piece of clothing to wear in my opinion and yet again, a pain when it comes to going to the bathroom. This can be a fun piece of clothing to add to your wardrobe but I think it depends on whether or not you think you can pull off the jumpsuit look. I think jumpsuits look best with a sharp stiletto heel and some big chunky jewelery. 

Cut Bro Tanks versus Bro Tanks

It was really hard to find a picture that would help me with this post, so I will try my best to be descriptive. A cut bro tank is often seen by men and women working out in gyms. Often seen in women who think it’s cute to wear neon color sports bras underneath their cut up shirt. Basically, a cut bro tank is a t-shirt that someone took and cut the sleeves off and put two huge slits down the sides. I get this for guys who are working out because I know a lot of guys who’s muscles are too big for t-shirt sleeves. So I understand the need for cut bro tanks when a guy is working out and these should only be worn when working out. On top of that, some guys just don’t like wearing just wife beater tanks or uncut bro tanks because they are too constricting. For women on the other hand, just stop it. There is no need for you to be wearing a cut bro tank. Just wear a normal tank top. I love just normal bro tanks for men and women. Women, just wear a normal bro tank when you’re working or having a fun day in the sun. For guys, they can be the perfect beach wear.

*Credit goes to Tumblr blogger Russell Jordan for coining the term Bro Tank and giving me the idea for this post. Check his fitness blog out, No Pity Fitness.


I just don’t want to talk about spandex shorts or a specific item of clothing for this post, but the material as a whole. I played volleyball for eight years and during those eight years I have gone through many pairs of spandex shorts and other items that were made out of this material. Spandex, as a material, is comfy and I love it. I like buying t-shirts with a certain percentage of spandex in them. For me, it adds a little something extra to the t-shirt. Also, clothing made with a certain percentage of spandex just forms better to your body and it fits better in the long run. My suggestion is looking at the clothing labels you’re buying to figure out what type of material your clothing is made with because some people like this material and some people don’t. Some clothes containing spandex material can be hard to wash depending on the the percentage but others wash perfectly fine. Being a spandex wearer myself, I feel that spandex is a material that is good for movement activities and it breathes well during those activities. 


There is a difference between rompers and jumpsuits, as my roommate has pointed out to me. So first, I will blog about rompers. I think these are perfect for throwing on for a summer day. So quick and simple but a pain if you have to go to the bathroom. There are so many places to get pattern rompers. I am in love with the floral rompers that Forever 21 offers. The fact is, they are cheap and that’s a good thing. A friend of mine took one of her rompers and cut it in half and made herself a cute new top and a new pair of shorts. A nice way to change up your wardrobe in my opinion for a new season.

*Check my roommate’s style blog out, she is too precious. 

*Check out a friend of mine’s style blog, she is also too precious.


Leotards are making a come back these days. Slowly but surely I’ve seen them popping up on fashion blogs. I think leotards are fun and trendy but the question is, how do you wear them? You can wear leotards by themselves, but in public, that looks a little strange. I would try pairing your leotard with some high waisted shorts or a short skirt. If you have a pattern or graphic leotard like the ones above, try and pair your bottom with a solid color and not another pattern. Try pairing it with maybe a cardigan as well. I really want to see leotards make a big come back now. These aren’t for gymnists anymore.